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Cash Bond
 A cash bond may be posted by anyone. The amount of cash is the amount of the bond (i.e. if the bond is $1,200.00, then $1,200.00 must be posted). This cash will be returned to the person posting the money at the conclusion of the criminal trial or plea. We do NOT accept credit cards or checks drawn on personal or business accounts. All persons posting a bond for an arrestee must produce picture ID.

 Professional Bondsmen
 A professional bondsmen is in the business of posting bonds for criminal charges. The bondsman will charge a fee (usually under $10,000.00 is 12%, over $10,000.00 is 15% of the bond amount). This fee is non-refundable. A list of approved bondsmen is located on the lighted sign in the main lobby of the Detention Center, as well as in the booking area. The Department WILL NOT recommend one bondsman over another. Please do not ask. The bondsman you choose and the arrangements made are between you and the professional bondsman.


Property Bond
 A property bond may be posted by individuals who own property inside Paulding County.
 To post a property bond you must have your warranty deed, a current tax statement (showing the tax office fair market value and taxes must be current), a current mortgage statement (payments must be current), and all persons must be present whose names appear on the deed.

 All persons are required to have a picture ID. In the case of a death of a named person on the deed, you must be able to show proof of the death (i.e., death certificate).

 You must have twice the bond amount in clear unencumbered equity in the property (i.e. if the bond is $5,000.00 you must have $10,000.00 of unencumbered equity).


Attested Property Bond
 An attested property bond may be accepted if property is owned outside of Paulding County. To obtain an approved property bond YOU MUST GO TO THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE IN THE COUNTY WHERE THE PROPERTY IS LOCATED to find out what documents they require to post a property bond. The Sheriff’s Office will prepare the bond and place it in a sealed envelope. Return the envelope to the Paulding County Detention Center where we will complete the bonding process.


 There is a $20.00 fee for attested property bonds that are prepared at the Paulding County Detention Center on property located in Paulding County for a bond of an inmate incarcerated outside of Paulding.
How To Bond Someone Out of Jail